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Free sterilization of homeless cats


On the occasion of the International Day of Homeless Animals, marked annually on the third Saturday of August (this year on August 15), the General Department for Communal Housing and  Landscaping Services in collaboration with veterinary clinics in Chisinau, will organize free sterilization of 80 homeless cats.

People living in apartment buildings where there are homeless cats or those who cannot afford additional expenses are invited to participate in the action.

People interested in free sterilization services for homeless cats can register online by filling out the following form:

After pre-registration in the online format, each volunteer or curator will receive the address of the veterinary clinic and a phone number for scheduling and sterilizing the animals.

The action is organized by the Animal Protection Control Section of the General Department for Communal Housing and Landscaping Services and provides only for the sterilization of homeless cats, by offering two free services per person.

The partners of the protect veterinary clinics are: LLC Intona,  Nags vet, VetExotica, Veterinary-Life Clinic, AnVet Clinic, Veterinary,  Chisinau Zoo, Doctor Moldova Vet, ALEX VET Services, Veterinary MD, Ciavdar Grup,   Esculap-Vet Veterinary Clinic Vasile Buza, Dog Club.