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Fairs with domestic products in the capital districts, on the weekend of November 04 – 05, 2023.


The Chisinau City Hall informs that during the weekend of November 04 – 05, 2023, in the districts of the capital will take place various fairs with domestic goods, aiming to help the local manufactures and offering the residents of the capital city access to the seasonal agriculture goods.

In Buiucani District, on the territory adjacent to “Kentford” edifice, on 202, Stefan cel Mare si Sfant blvd. on November 04, 2023 – “EcoLocal” fair, with local food goods and domestic non-food goods, arranged by the Civil Society of Eco and Artisanal Consumers and Producers.

In Rascani Distric – Fruits, vegetables and apiculture products fair on 21, Moscova blvd., opposite the 6, M. Basarab str. And 109/2, Calea Orheiului str. Until 26.11.2023.

On the territory of the Poultry Market, on 9, Carbunari str. – thematic fair “Butoias” (November 01-30, 2023), arrange by the “Central Market” M.E., with seasonal goods including grapes and winemaking accessories.

Chisinau City Hall encourages the citizens to visit the fairs that aims to strengthen the relationship between the domestic manufactures and the consumers.