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Drawing exhibition "Easter Traditions and Customs" arranged inside of the Chisinau City Hall


An exhibition of drawings titled "Easter Traditions and Customs" was arranged inside the Chisinau City Hall, which includes over 40 works of students from the School of Fine Arts "Alexei Sciusev". The initiative belongs to the Culture Department and is part of the "Social Dialogue with the residents of Chisinau" project.

The exhibition aims to highlight the traditions and customs of Easter, through the vision of the disciples of a school of fine arts.

The works are made in different techniques: drawing, painting and sculpture. These can be admired until the Easter holidays.

Because access to the City Hall is restricted due to the pandemic situation, the Easter-themed exhibition can be viewed online, on the FB page of the Culture Department (please click on the link bellow):

In order to support and promote young talents, those interested have the opportunity to purchase the works of students from the School of Fine Arts "A. Șciusev ", by contacting the manager of the institution. Phone: 079627743.