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Creativity and Innovation Week at the „B. P. Hasdeu” library


Chisinau City Hall informs that between April 15 and 21, 2021 the Municipal Library „B. P. Hasdeu" will carry out the Week of Creativity and Innovation, the 7th edition. The theme and the slogan of the event are:" For, with and about the user! "

The organizers aim to create new digital tools and to stimulate the activity of relationships and loyalty, by involving users in the activities of libraries and bringing them closer to these institutions.

The activities within the Creativity and Innovation Week are addressed to libraries that operate in terms of accessibility of digital resources and will take place online. Librarians and users will participate in workshops, online lessons, festivals, debates, creative poetry workshops, laboratories and will be involved in various activities, experiencing digital skills.

Creativity and Innovation Week is a platform that celebrates all manifestations of creativity through original and own actions of participants in multiple events around the world. The creativity and originality of creatures are pillars of the modern world, which makes the world move forward and guide it in taking risks for development and sustainability.

Creativity and Innovation Week coincides with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The events are meant to empower everyone to use new ideas, make new decisions and make the world a better place.