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Completion of the cleaning works of the Bac riverbed


The Chisinau City Hall informs that the works for cleaning the Bac riverbed have been completed in the perimeter of Feredeului Street - Mihai Viteazul Street, on a length of about 2 km,. The intervention of the authorities in the riverbed aims to prevent floods on Albisoara Street, in the area of the bridge near the Circus, which is periodically affected by torrential rains.

Tudor Girbu, the counselor of the General Mayor presented a report during the operative meeting of the municipal services on Monday.

Thus, the intervention took place in two stages: from Feredeului Street to Petru Rares Street (where the riverbed is concreted) and on the section of Petru Rares Street - Mihai Viteazul Street, 36 thousand tons of mud being excavated and cleaning works performed of vegetation in the river basin. The discharged sludge was stored for a few days on the shore, after which it was transported to a municipal platform destined for subsequent re-cultivation.

Works are currently being carried out to arrange the river banks, which are to be completed within a week.

The cleaning works of the Bac River were carried out by a contractor, designated on the basis of a competition, according to the contract for carrying out the works, signed with M.E. "Capital construction department". The cost of the project is about 3.5 million lei, sources provided in the municipal budget for 2020.