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Christmas gifts for children from kindergartens in Chisinau


Chisinau City Hall informs that more than 32,000 gifts with sweets will be distributed this year to children from early education institutions under the municipality on the occasion of Christmas and New Year's holidays 2024.

The Department of Education, Youth and Sport (DEYS) has purchased 32167 gifts, worth 1.1 million lei, accompanied by certificates of conformity, to be distributed to children attending early education institutions in the municipality.

The financial sources were identified by DEYS from savings formed during the current year.

The gifts contain sweets and biscuits in assortment.

Botanica sector: beneficiaries 7770 children - 264180 MDL

Buiucani sector: beneficiaries 6573 children - 223482 MDL

Centru sector: beneficiaries 4579 children - 155686 MDL

Ciocana sector: beneficiaries 5880 children - 199000 MDL

Râșcani sector: beneficiaries 7365 children - 250410 MDL

Giving Christmas presents to kindergarten children has become a beautiful tradition of the municipality, and it has already been carried out for the fifth consecutive year.

Thus, 32167 children from 132 early education institutions in Chisinau municipality, enrolled in 1353 functional groups, will benefit from gifts.

In this context, we reiterate the ban on any form of collecting money from parents for gifts, Christmas tree, decorations, etc., in the context of winter holidays.