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Autumn sanitation campaign in Chisinau, activities in the week of October 31-November 5, 2023


Chisinau City Hall informs that during the week: 31 October - 05 November 2023, the municipal cleaning services continued the activities within the Autumn Sanitation Campaign.

Thus, the Communal Housing Agency and housing service enterprises were involved in manual sanitation of public spaces, courtyards of residential blocks, platforms for the collection of household waste, etc. 395 workers and 20 technical units were engaged in daily works. For the removal of large volumes of vegetable waste, 32-38 transport units (tractors with trailers and loaders) were involved, with 382 truckloads of rubbish being removed.

The "Regia "Exdrupo" carried out mechanized sanitation of streets and boulevards, using 5 IVECO mechanized machines and 7 waste disposal runs. At the same time, underpasses and waiting stations were sanitized and the roadways were washed. In the context of Saturday's rain, the gratings and stormwater inlets were vacuumed cleaned of leaves and rubbish in all parts of the city, with a total of 2147 receptacles being cleaned.

For its part, the M.I. "Green Spaces Management Association" involved 282 people daily in sanitation, cleaning 328 ha of parkland, squares and street alignments, with 119 waste hauls being carried out. At the same time, 5.7 ha of riparian strips were cleaned.

During the reference period, the "Combinatul Servicii Funerare" carried out sanitation works on the territory of the city cemeteries and adjacent areas, on an area of 162 ha, with an accumulated volume of 206 m³ of foliage, plant debris and household garbage, which was removed with 47 trips. At the same time, daily sanitation is carried out on the territory of A. Mateevici - V. Alecsandri Street, around the "Central Cemetery", around the "St. Lazarus" Cemetery on Doina Street and on the territory adjacent to the other municipal cemeteries.

In this context, Deputy Mayor Ilie Ceban asked the household services to come up with solutions to streamline the process of collecting foliage, which is quite abundant in the current season, with the use of specialized technology, to avoid the formation of piles of plant waste and their penetration into the storm sewer network.