The official page of the Municipality of Chisinau

A group of 21 people took the oath at Chisinau City Hall on Monday to obtain or regain the citizenship of the Republic of Moldova.


The event was attended by Deputy Mayor Angela Cutasevici and representatives of the local public administration.

The individuals who obtained Moldovan citizenship reside in the Municipality of Chisinau and come from Ukraine, Romania, the Russian Federation, Belarus, Poland, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Turkey, India, and Lebanon. Additionally, four individuals have regained the citizenship of our state.

After taking the oath of allegiance to the Republic of Moldova, Angela Cutasevici delivered a congratulatory message to those present. The Deputy Mayor advised the new citizens to be active, to respect the laws of the state, and to contribute, together with the entire community, to the prosperity, development, and beautiful growth of the Republic of Moldova.

It should be noted that, according to the current legislation, in order to obtain or regain the citizenship of the Republic of Moldova, applicants must pass an examination on the language, history of the state, and national legislation. A special government commission reviews the applications, after which a decree is issued by the President of the Republic of Moldova. The applicants are then sworn in by the Mayor General of the municipality or by the District President.