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    Activation of the “Green Line” to Provide Information Support on Health Care, in the Context of COVID-19

     29.03.2021 11:59    890 Views    

    Chisinau City Hall informs that starting from today, "Green Line" for COVID-19 healthcare in Chisinau was activated.

    Thus, people facing difficult situations, caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, can request assistance at the telephone number: 0800 00080.

    The "Green line" of General Department of Social Assistance and Health was activated to streamline communication in the event of a pandemic crisis and provide informational support to the population of Chisinau on health care in case of suspecting or confirming of COVID-19.

    Information in this regard was provided during the operative meeting of the municipal services by Boris Gîlcă, Deputy Head of the General Department of Social Assistance and Health.

    In this context, the General Mayor, Ion Ceban, specified that it is important for the citizens to communicate with specialists and to receive answers to the questions they have, as the family doctors are on a high alert during this period and they might not answer their phones.

    "It is important for family doctors to inform patients with mild form of coronavirus, which are treated at home, how to access the municipal monitoring system (COVID-19 Chisinau register - JIRA Platform) to communicate every day, through this application about the symptoms that they have. The information is systematized, and in case there are changes in the state of health, the family doctor returns with a call to the patient ", mentioned Ion Ceban.

    Chisinau municipality remains on epidemiological alert with COVID-19 infection, with an extensive increase in the number of diseases, the incidence being high with the presence of serious and very serious cases of SARS-CoV-2 infections.

    Currently, 1324 confirmed COVID-19 patients are hospitalized in municipal hospitals, of which, 60 patients in very serious condition, 652 patients in serious condition, 590 - in medium condition and 22 - in mild condition. Discharged - 55, dead - 5.