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    First phase implementation of the pilot project on electronic toll in public passenger transport

     16.03.2021 11:21    950 Views    

    Chisinau City Hall launched the first stage of the pilot project of electronic toll in the public transport units. The event took place in the Trolleybus Park No.1. The new payment method will be evaluated for 6 months in partnership with 2 electronic payment operators.

    Attending the event, General Mayor, Ion Ceban, mentioned that after the initiation of the collaboration partnership between the municipality, Moldova Agroindbank and Mastercard Company, the activities have yielded results. Thus, within the project, the electronic toll system in public transport will be tested on 5 municipal routes in 110 trolleybus and bus units.

    "I thank all those who have made efforts for this project to be implemented. We want that in this period of 6 months, during the pilot project, which is free, to get good results, and the inhabitants to feel the benefits of this process of change, and in the end the municipal public transport to have an electronic toll system. I hope that the citizens will like this project ", said the mayor.

    The company I represent has been working on such projects for several years and these payment methods are the simplest and most efficient one. Payments are made easily and safely. I am convinced that this form of payment will be used primarily by the citizens and guests of Chisinau, said Yuri Bathin, Deputy Director of MasterCard for Ukraine and Moldova

    Through this project the financial institution aims to bring comfort, speed and safety for the capital's inhabitants. MAIB has set out to continue developing payment systems, and this project is a strategic project for the bank and is a product exclusively for citizens, mentioned Aliona Stratan, first Vice President of Moldova Agroindbank

    The trolleybus routes:  No. 10, 22 and 30 and buses No 2 and 5 are equipped with mobile validators for accepting cashless payments.

    Passengers on public transport can pay with the bank card, and in the absence of the bank card, the fare collector will make the operations with the bank card they hold, then will take the money and will offer the ticket to those who travel.

    Terminals accept contactless payments with a bank card of any bank in the world, with different payment systems, with your smartphone or other device equipped with contactless devices.

    In the future, it is expected to equip public transport with stationary terminals, which will be able to accept payment for travel with contactless cards and devices equipped with NFC devices, without the involvement of fare collectors.

    In case of non-cash payments for travel, no additional commissions are charged from the passengers. The price remains unchanged: 2 lei for a trolleybus trip and 3 lei for a bus trip.