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    10 new special vehicles for M.E. "Autosalubritate"

     06.01.2021 08:47    404 Views    

    Chisinau City Hal reports that M. E. "Autosalubritate" purchased 10 new special vehicles for the waste collection in the city.

    The transport units are produced in Belarus, MAZ model and were delivered to Regia "Autosalubritate" at the end of 2020. The value of the acquisition is about 10 million lei, these funds are from the company's net profit, obtained in 2018 and 2019.

    Thus, three of the ten special vehicles were distributed for work in the territory, and another seven are tested so that in the following days its can be used according to the destination. The 10 new special vehicles will replace some of the outdated ZIL type units.

    Ion Ceban, General Mayor, declared that the local public administration will continue to develop the car park of the “Autosalubritate”, and this year, important modernizations will be carried out within the enterprise.

    M.E. "Autosalubritate" provides waste collection and transportation services in the Chisinau city. The company's park consists of 96 special vehicles, which are distributed daily on 42 routes, for the collection of solid household waste.