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    The Chisinau Municipal Council approves new and adjusted local taxes for 2021

     29.12.2020 18:30    1275 Views    

    The Chisinau Municipal Council on December 29 approved the budgetary-fiscal policy of the local authorities for 2021. The local taxes applied within the municipality, were adjusted to the rate of inflation, as well as new local taxes were introduced, such as the sanitation tax.

    Ion Ceban, General Mayor, mentioned that the budgetary-fiscal policy changes were necessary as some of the local taxes haven’t been adjusted since 2004. "We have decided to come up with a multi-annual local fiscal policy and here it would be good to adjust taxes to the inflation rate, even if some aspects are unpopular," the Mayor said "

    The newly introduced sanitation tax, properly administered, is to generate revenues of about 100 million lei to the municipal budget. "We intend to have the special purpose of these taxes, so that all this money will be directed to renovate the courts of the apartment blocks: landscaping, the repair of roofs, stairs, entrance doors, windows, as well as the roads and pavements," Ion Ceban said.

    As of next year, on the territory of Chisinau municipality, it is proposed to introduce the sanitation tax, which is included in the Tax Code, but has not been applied for the time being. Also, a range of local taxes are to be adjusted to the inflation rate. Among them are: market tax, advertising devices, landscaping and parking taxes, etc.

     The fee rates for the passenger’s transports system (minibus, bus) within the Chisinau municipality will remain at 2020 level.

    Moreover, it should be mentioned that in case of suspension of the activities of the economic agents by the Commission for Exceptional Situations of the Republic of Moldova, in connection with the declaration of the exceptional situation of COVID-19, during the period of suspension of activity, the subjects of the imposition shall be exempt from the payment of the market tax, commercial and / or service units and the tax for the provision of passenger  transport system on regular municipal routes.

    With the tax changes, local authorities have taken into account the situation of socially disadvantaged people and families (the elderly and those with special needs, families with many children and low incomes), for which aid or exemptions will be provided.

    The local tax rates will start to be implemented from January 1, 2021.