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    The Chisinau Local Public Authorities supports all categories of people with special needs in the municipality

     03.12.2020 12:58    626 Views    

    Chisinau City Hall informs that over 2000 people with special needs from the capital and the suburbs will receive a unique material assistance from local authorities, amounting to about 1.2 million lei, on the occasion of the International Day of Persons with Special Needs, marked today, 3 December.

    According to the decision approved by the municipal Commission for the establishment and granting of material assistance, a category of the persons with special needs will receive 500 lei each.

    The lists are drawn up by the Territorial Departments of Social Assistance, and the money will be distributed to the beneficiaries through the branches of the S.E. "Posta Moldovei", starting with 03.12.2020, within 3 months.

    Also, in December, the General Department of Social Assistance and Health, in partnership with City Hall of the Districts, economic agents and charities, will distribute packages for about 250 people with special needs.

    At the same time, we specify that, in order to effectively exercise the right of persons with special needs to social assistance and medical assistance, the municipal subdivisions promote directly or in collaboration with public or private organizations, measures to support this category of citizens to remain full members of the society by providing the following services and benefits for about 24 thousand people: home social care services, personal assistance, "Mobile Team" service, monetary support, placement, food, hairdressing or prosthetic-orthopedic services , humanitarian assistance, compensation for transport services, social assistance and aid in the cold period of the year, etc.

    In this context, Ion Ceban, General Mayor mentioned that the tolerant attitude of the community towards people with special needs is important and this attitude should be educated from childhood in our society. We should take care of these people always not only on December 3rd. "Let's be more understanding, more attentive and more receptive to the needs of those who are sadder than us," the Mayor noticed.

    Regarding the adaptation of urban infrastructure to the needs of these people, Ion Ceban said that the municipality is still concerned and does everything to facilitate the movement of people special needs. Thus, for the current and new infrastructure projects: rehabilitation of parks and squares, repair of sidewalks, modernization of access roads in schools and libraries, the access of people with special needs is taken into account.

    During this year, several sidewalks were built or adapted, access ramps were arranged, traffic lights equipped with an audible signal were installed near the intersections on the streets and a tactile pavement was arranged.

    On the recently rehabilitated streets and squares, special parking spaces have been provided for wheelchair users. Also, the toilets in the parks have been adapted for the needs of people with reduced mobility. In this context, we also mention that during 2020, 12 elevators were purchased, which were installed in the buildings of family doctors' centers.