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    The working visit of Ion Ceban to Helsinki

     30.11.2020 11:27    620 Views    

    Ion Ceban , General Mayor of Chisinau is on a working visit to Helsinki, Finland, where he will have several meetings with the administration of Helsinki.

    According to the Mayor, the purpose of the visit is to gain experience according to the Finnish model of public affairs management and the exchange of good practices, in order to achieve policies that can be successfully implemented in Chisinau. These refer to urban development, modernization of street infrastructure and public transport, implementation of electronic display system in stations, etc.

    "I noticed bus stops pavilions for public transport as well as those recently located on several streets in Chisinau, but with electronic panels. We will continue to work on this chapter, so that these systems can be implemented in our country as well. Advertising is also available at public transport waiting stations in the Finnish capital. However, there is no plenty of advertising or booths everywhere ", Ion Ceban concluded.

    The General Mayor mentioned that the capital's administration will take those practices that have been implemented in Helsinki, especially regarding the arrangement of sidewalks and pedestrian alleys, as well as bicycle lanes. At the same time, Ion Ceban wanted to specify that every working visit or experience obtained abroad, offers the possibility to bring modern practices that can be applied in Chisinau.