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    Chisinau City Hall joins the "Global Climate Action Project" campaign

     09.11.2020 08:55    454 Views    

    Chisinau City Hall has joined the "Global Climate Action Project" campaign organized by the World Wide Fund and NASA, with the support of UN Peace Ambassador Jane Goodall, President Higgins Kumi Naidoo, as well as scientists and public figures with world renown.

    Through this action the authorities aim to change the behavior of young people and the approach in society through education on the impact of climate change and environmental threats.

    In an international webinar of the Global Climate Action Project, Ion Ceban, General Mayor sent a video message, along with other recordings transmitted by presidents of states, prime ministers, representatives of royal houses, managers of environmental organizations from all over the world, etc., on the importance of participation in this project, for the long-needed sustainable future of Chisinau.

    The Mayor mentioned that the municipality proposed by approving plans and strategies to implement projects to transform the city into a green and sustainable city, appealing to the involvement of every citizen.

    "Our city will begin to measure its climate footprint and develop a comprehensive climate action plan by educating and motivating the involvement of children, young people and society to protect the environment," Ion Ceban said.

    During the webinar 5 students from a high school in the capital attended together with a teacher, who is one of the 6 teachers selected to speak live representing the European continent.


    The Global Climate Action project campaign has gathered around 10 million young people from 107 countries.