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    Agreement of collaboration on the efficiency of process for the management public real estate properties

     20.10.2020 10:17    747 Views    

    The Chisinau City Hall, the Public Property Agency and the Public Institution "Public Services Agency" signed today, October 20, this year, a trilateral collaboration agreement, which aims to delimit public property, registration of real estate and rights over them, as well as the assessing / revaluation in order to tax the real estate located in the territorial administrative units of Chisinau municipality.

    The document will also establish the actions for carrying out the activities related to the implementation of the Financing Agreement between the Republic of Moldova and the International Development Association, in order to implement the Land Registration and Assessment Project, concluded on September 17, 2018.

    Ion Ceban, General Mayor, declared that the good cooperation between the three entities would improve the quality of services offered to the residents of the Chisinau municipality. Also, the existing issues between public authorities are to be solved, in order to unlock cases that have remained unresolved for many years.

    In his turn, the Director of the Public Property Agency, Ghenadie Țepordei, mentioned that the authority he represents is interested in such collaboration, in order to solve the disputes pending in court.

    For his part, Vladislav Zara, head of the Public Institution "Public Services Agency", expressed the hope that this project will allow collecting and evaluation of real estate for tax purposes, as well as the registration of real estate and property rights in accordance with the current legislation.

    Within the collaboration, the parties will carry out the following activities: identification, description, cadastral representation registration of public property owned by the state and local public authority; improving the quality of cadastral data by eliminating conventional cadastral numbers, restoring or adjusting land-use planning projects prepared under the state land privatization program Land, collecting data and assessing real estate for tax purposes.