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    Six kindergartens in the capital will be rehabilitated as part of the project "Energy efficiency and thermal rehabilitation of buildings in Chisinau"

     01.10.2020 12:44    1224 Views    


    Chisinau City Hall signed today, October 1, 2020, the first purchase contract with the contractor who won the competition (first tender / on lot 4) for providing services on the rehabilitation of the buildings of six kindergartens in Chisinau municipality, within the framework of the project "Energy Efficiency (EE) and thermal rehabilitation of buildings in Chisinau".

    Thus, over the next 12 months, pre-school education institutions No.34, No. 112, No. 127, No.146, No. 167 and No. 225, will benefit from rehabilitation and renovation work, including integrated measures in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy. The project provides for the external insulation of buildings (walls, roof, basement); carpentry replacement; installation of mechanical ventilation systems with heat recovery; replacement of heating systems; replacement of old cooking equipment in the food block; installation of LED-based indoor lighting network;  f installation of solar thermal systems or the production of electricity; smart metering systems, etc.

    These activities are part of the first tranche of the project, which also involves the thermal isolation of 23 buildings - public institutions: kindergartens, high schools, sports schools, hospitals. In the first phase, more than 300 institutions were analysed and those targets that bring losses to the municipal budget were selected, by inefficiently wasting annual financial allocations for consumption and maintenance bills.  

    The total value of the project is EUR 25 million and is implemented by Chisinau City Hall, with the financial support of the development partners, EBRD (10 million, loan), EIB (10 million, loan) and the E5P Energy Fund (5 million grant).

    During the event, Ion Ceban, the General Mayor, noted that the municipality has made maximum efforts to implement this project, which is one expected by the final beneficiaries.

    "After a long period today, the Chisinau City Hall signs the contract with the entrepreneur who won the auction (first tender / on lot 4). It is a primary project due to the fact that its direct beneficiaries are the 2314 children from the 6 kindergartens in Chisinau municipality, who have been selected. This is a first step and we hope that we will continue to achieve the other objectives regarding the thermal insulation of the public buildings, educational and social institutions.

    It is worth mentioning that during October, Chisinau City Hall will launch tenders for the other 3 lots (providing services for thermal rehabilitation of buildings), which include 3 hospitals, 14 high schools / sports schools.