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    Beach football stadium in "La Izvor" Park was inaugurated

     27.08.2020 19:44    485 Views    

    The inhabitants of the Buiucani sector, but also of the whole Chisinau municipality, can currently enjoy a new objective, where they can practice sports. Thus, in the "La Izvor" Park, a modern and unique beach football stadium in the region was put into service.

    The event was attended by the President of the Republic of Moldova Igor Dodon, Deputy Mayors, as well as the Football Federation of Moldova 's representatives.

    Deputy Mayor Ilie Ceban, mentioned that this stadium was built thanks to the common efforts of the Chisinau City Hall, the Chisinau Municipal Council and the Moldovan Football Federation.

    "The construction of such a stadium for beach football is the premiere in the Republic of Moldova. Together we have made an effort. Together we succeeded," Ilie Ceban said.

    We remind you that the construction works of the Beach Football Stadium and the rehabilitation of the park began in March, after the Chisinau Municipal Council approved the lease for 25 years of the 0.7 ha territory for the stadium.

    It should be noted that 80% of the expenses for the construction of the stadium were incurred by FIFA, and 20% is the Moldova Football Federation contribution.

    The General Mayor, Ion Ceban, thanked the president of the Moldova Football Federation and the International Football Federation, who contributed to this project.

    The municipal authorities intend to transform the "La Izvor" park into a location where dwellers will be able to practice different types of sports.