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    Launch of the second stage of the "Educatie online" platform

     07.08.2020 15:06    788 Views    

    Ion Ceban, the General Mayor participated in the launch of the second stage of the "Educatie online" project, which provides for the completion of the digital library with new lessons from the school curriculum for the study period: September-March (April), for classes: I-XII. More than 300 teachers and 170 coordinators-advisers from all over the republic are trained in the formation of web contents.

    The Mayor of the capital wanted to note that the initiative launched by the municipality is useful and current for various circumstances, not only during the pandemic, but also an additional option for teachers and students, and the beneficiaries of the video, with learning topics, can be both users from the Republic of Moldova, but also from abroad, including the diaspora.

    "We have concluded a memorandum with the Ministry of Education, Cultures and Research on the" Educatie online" project and we will focus our efforts to expand the digital library, which must become one of national and regional importance," said Ion Ceban.

    Angela Cutasevici, the deputy mayor of the branch specified that at stage I 2,500 video courses were recorded, and for the second stage of the project it will be essential that each recorded lesson includes interactive tasks, to strengthen students' knowledge for a subject or other. The project will be completed with more extensive processes, such as the simulation of BAC or promotion exams.

    According to Daniela Munca-Aftenev the Project Coordinator, vice head of the Departemnet of Education, Youth and Sports the preparation of video material for lessons in the national curriculum comes to help teachers to ensure the educational process in pandemic conditions, where institution managers can apply the at least one of the 7 scenarios for the activity, proposed by the relevant ministry.