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    Chisinau City Hall awarded for its transparent activity

     06.08.2020 17:58    1099 Views    

    Chisinau City Hall was awarded for ensuring the process of transparency in the activity of local public administration in 2019. The award was given by the Institute for Development and Social Initiatives (IDIS) "Viitorul".

    The award ceremony has taken place at the Chisinau City Hall today.

    According to the document, the Chisinau LPA posted on the official website the Transparency Report for 2019. At the same time, the municipality ensured the publication of all announcements on the sale / lease of real estate, as well as the Code of Ethics for internal auditors.

    Ion Ceban, the General Mayor mentioned that ensuring transparency in daily activities, including the decision-making process at the level of public authority is a desideratum of the current administration of Chisinau municipality. Digitization of 12 modules for the provision of quality services to citizens, implementation of the one-stop shop, conducting online and land auctions, review of fiscal policy; audits within municipal enterprises, but also public expenditures, etc., are the core activities aimed at ensuring credibility and transparency.

    "I am glad that the activity of the City Hall is intensely monitored and even appreciated, lately by experts, in terms of transparency. We will take into account all the recommendations coming from the profile organizations ", Ion Ceban said.

    In his turn, Veaceslav Ioniță, expert in economic policies within IDIS "Viitorul", specified that the monitoring of the activity of the Chisinau City Hall was carried out on the basis of 50 performance indicators.

    "Transparency determines the quality of public services provided. The arguments brought regarding the transparency processes in the activity of the City Hall are not just my opinion or those of some colleagues. These indicators can be verified by citizens, which we can easily demonstrate ", Veaceslav Ioniță mentioned.

    Chisinau City Hall was evaluated based on the following transparency criteria: access to information, participation in decision-making, budgetary process, organization and conduct of public procurement, public property management, conflict of interest, human resources, social services and local government investments in 2019.