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    Implementation of the "Chisinau Solid Waste Project" in the municipality.

     06.08.2020 15:46    631 Views    

    The municipality will initiate the negotiation process with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the European Investment Bank (EIB)  in order to implement the " Chisinau  Solid Waste " project. The decision on the need for starting the project has been approved today by the Chisinau Municipal Council.

    Ala Mârza, the cabinet's council of the General Mayor; the speaker of the draft decision noted that the Chisinau municipality is the largest producer of solid waste in the country, so the profile area requires significant investments, namely: for the storage of solid waste in Țânțăreni, the conservation of the garbage on  Uzinelor street,  the expenses for the transport and evacuation of the solid waste garbage, the sorting of the waste, etc.

    Under these conditions, the local public administration must set its priorities for this field and work with external partners to obtain financial sources for development.

    According to Mayor General Ion Ceban, the municipality considers it a priority at this moment the rethinking of the waste collection process in the capital in according with certain standards and to achieve these goals, investment is needed.

    "Of course, waste management involves long-term activities, but today's vote contributes to the start of negotiations with the EBRD and the EIB on the volume of investments and the development of a consolidated strategy with technical and financial solutions," the Mayor said.

    According to the decision adopted, within 3 months the General Mayor Ion Ceban will present the final concept on the implementation of the project " Chisinau Solid waste  Project"  

    The project involves:

    - Development of the Municipal Enterprise "Autosalubritate" by renewing park of special vehicles with new units, but also project selection mechanisms.

    - Rehabilitation of the existing waste in Țânțăreni commune;

    - Updating the alternative access road for waste storage;

    - Closure of the garbage dump in 211, Uzinelor street;

    - Renovation of the transfer station;

    - Investment for waste sorting plant.

    Also, the executive branch will inform the Chisinau Municipal Council on loan agreements and guarantees, as well as other documents to be concluded between the Chisinau City Hall and development partners (EBRD, EBI)