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    The Chisinau City Hall will develop the design code of the city

     01.08.2020 14:15    524 Views    

    The Chisinau City Hall aims to develop a visual code of the municipality, in order to establish the principles and rules that will be the basis of construction or rehabilitation work carried out in urban areas.

    Thus, the municipality will appoint a group of professionals - experts in the field and specialists of the profile subdivisions, in order to identify visions for improving the external appearance of the Chisinau City.

    With an initiative in this regard, came to the municipality, the team of specialists from the "Architecture and Style Design" (ASD), known internationally, for the promotion of designers and architects from the Republic of Moldova.

    The General Mayor, Ion Ceban, mentioned that under the ASD proposal, Chisinau City Hall will create a working group to draw up proposals for the development of the city's own style and, accordingly, to overcome the current urban problems.

    "We want to sign a collaboration agreement with the ASD team, and I consider that this is the first step to return Chisinau's unique architecture and the aesthetic aspect of the urban environment. If such a code had existed, the developers would not have acted according to their own approaches and visions", concluded the General Mayor.

    It is worth mentioning that at the level of the municipality are in the process of making the documents on regulating the architectural-urban field, urban mobility, etc.