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    Two plots of land near Circus returned to the municipality

     16.07.2020 17:35    537 Views    

    Chisinau City Hall reports that two plots of land of about 2 hectares near the Circus were returned to the municipality after several years since 2002, these were given in temporary use, free of charge, to the association for building a sports complex. As the plots of land were not used for their intended purpose and the land remained abandoned, it was decided to return them to the local public administration. A decision in this regard was taken today by the Chisinau Municipal Council.

    The General Mayor Ion Ceban specified that the initiative to cancel the decision to use 2 lots of land belonged to the executive branch for not fulfilling the obligations of the beneficiary.

    "Despite the resistance, I thank the municipal councilors for their support. These lots, public property, must be used for the benefit of the city and the citizens, and not in personal or group interests," mentioned the Mayor.

    The executive must identify other lands that, previously, were taken over illegally, through various schemes, in order to initiate a court case, so that these lots return to the possession of the municipality.