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    Ongoing projects in the Centru sector

     26.06.2020 14:31    671 Views    

    Completed and ongoing projects in the Centru sector

    1. The capital repair of the old building of the Theoretical High School "Gheorghe Asachi "on 64 Bucureşti street. The financial sources will be allocated by the Chisinau City Hall and the Bucharest City Hall of Sector 1.

    2. Rehabilitation of the access stairs connecting I. Nistor and Kashu streets (campus).

    3. Implementation of the project for arranging the square in V. Dokuceaev Street, 11. There will be carry out the works in arranging the green spaces, installing the irrigation system, the urban furniture and the decorative night lighting.

    4. Another project is the rehabilitation of the square at 8-10 Academy street, where a children's Playground will be arranged. The trees will be cleared and an irrigation system will be installed. The alley will be paved, lights and street furniture will be installed.

    5. The project of arrangement of the " Ion and Doina Aldea Teodorovici" on A. Mateevici street was implemented. There were arranged granite curbstones, a fountain, flower pots, and urban furniture. The fountain is illuminated by LED projectors, and the alleys to the monument have been rehabilitated.

    6. A project sketch was developed for the implementation of the project on the arrangement of the „Lech Kaczyński" square. In addition to installing lights, urban furniture and planting plants, parking car will also be set up there.

    7. Will soon begin the rehabilitation of the "Mihai Eminescu"  Square on Stefan cel Mare, blvd.

    8. Financial sources are identified for the repair of the underground crossings in the 86, Hâncești street (Ministry of Defense), in the 145, Hâncești street (South East Station),  Iu. Gagarin street (Chisinau Railway Station), Ismail Street (UNIC Shopping Center).

    9. It is currently the advanced process of the rehabilitate project underground passage on 21, Arbori street, (MallDova Shopping Center).

    10. The project implementation of applying murals paintings to the  bridge's walls at the TV Center.

    11. Will be restored the lake "Valea Morilor",  the fourth tranche  (arrangement of the "Valea Morilor" Park ).

    12. 31 August 1989 and Tighina Street will be renovated, after the installation of utilities, within the framework of the "Urban Roads" Project, package II EBRD/EIB.

    13. Viaduct intersections - Bucharest street - Ciuflea street - 31 August 1989 street will be upgraded.

    14. The rehabilitation projects of I. Incuţu street and N. Testemitanu street are currently ongoing. The works provide for the asphalting of the roadway and the laying of utilities.