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    Ongoing projects in the Buiucani sector

     26.06.2020 14:35    386 Views    

    The projects realized and those which are underway in the Buiucani sector.

    1. Modernizations are planned for the "Alunelul" Park. The City Hall of Sector 6 Bucharest offers 16 million lei for the rehabilitation works. The necessary tenders are currently being carried out, and the beginning of the works is estimated for the end of July. The summer theater is to be rehabilitated here, urban furniture, fountains, etc.

    2. In the park "La Izvor" the rehabilitation work will begin soon because the City Hall of Buiucani District is at the stage of signing the contract. The renovation will take place over 3 months. The rehabilitation project involves 5 stages, including the development of the football field on the beach, which is already under construction. It will be the first target of this profile in the South-Eastern part of Europe, which will meet FIFA standards.

    3. Rehabilitation of Ghidighici Street. A sidewalk adjacent to the street and parking for 460 seats will be built here. For now, there is a parking problem because it is being seized on the land by a previous court.

    4. The Square in Bucuria Street is completed, and this evening the parking and cyclist marking will be applied. The nearby road will reopen after 20 years of being blocked. Lighting has been installed, pedestrian walkways and urban furniture have been arranged.

    5. At the Square of Ion Pelivan Street, on Monday, the installation of the irrigation system and public lighting will start. Urban furniture is ordered. In 2 weeks the work will be completed. At the same time, the street is being rehabilitated.

    6. This week, the cleaning works of the Durlești riverbed and the mud evacuation started, on the area of Gheorghe Codreanu street - the entrance on the "Moldexpo" territory. The river was not cleaned for more than 30 years. After each rain, they were the basements of the blocks of flats and the individual houses in the area have been flooded.

    7. Booths located in front of the "Delphin" market: owners have been instructed to evacuate self-sufficient targets by July 1. Otherwise, they will be forcibly evacuated.

    8. On A. Mateevici street, the pedestrian area will be rehabilitated. The works will begin on July 6, this year.

    9. On the land of the ex terminus station of the minibus line no. 121 a square will be arranged. The works started on Thursday and include the installation of public lighting, furniture and pedestrian alleys. The deadline for the execution of the works is August 1, 2020.

    10. The square in Grigore Alexandrescu street, at the entrance from  "Moldexpo" will be arranged. Space will be transformed into a pedestrian area. Access to cars will be forbidden.

    11. The pedestrian alley in Liviu Deleanu Street is under construction, and by July 20, it will be put into operation.

    12. On the size: Nicolae Costin street - Calea Ieșilor, the pedestrian alley is at the second stage of arrangement.

    13. The area from Onisifor Ghibu will be rehabilitated, thus, space will be renamed the Riga square in Chisinau. The works are in progress. These will be funded by Sector 3 of the city of Riga.

    14. The rehabilitation project of the area from Calea Ieșilor 1/7 is currently underway. The area will be transformed into a square with street furniture. Previously, the area was used by street vendors.

    For one of the 3 undergrounds in the Buiucani sector, the works will start in the next 2 weeks. The intervention began with the demolition of the pavilions at the entrance to the undergro