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    The projects realized and ongoing projects in the Râșcani sector

     26.06.2020 14:19    627 Views    

    1.     Rehabilitation of the road from Miron Costin street. The works consist of replacing the asphalt layer, the curbs and arranging the sidewalks.

    2.     Arrangement of sidewalks on  Moscow blvd. The complete removal of asphalt and replacing it with paving.

    3.     The improvement of the square on Kiev street is provided. The works involve a playground for children, stairs, also a ramp for people with disabilities. The bridge will also be repaired.

    4.     Planned arrangement of the square on N. Dimo street. The paving  will be replaced with new one. The square will be equipped with an irrigation system and a fountain will be built. Two existing staircases will also be renovated.

    5.     The Square in Miron Costin street, the Memorial Complex "Feciorilor Patriei - Sfântă Amintire" will be rehabilitated. Here the old pavement will be replaced with a new one, curbs will be installed. The fountain will also be rebuilt, public lighting will be installed, as well as an automated irrigation system.

    6.     A  flowing fountain will be built on Ceucari street.

    7.     The Square in Doina street will be rehabilitated. There will be carried out rehabilitation works of the old asphalt pavement by replacing it with the new pavement. There will also be side borders, the earth layer will be changed and resembled and multi-annual grass will be sown.

    8.     Currently, the underground passage from 2/1, Alecu Russo street is being arranged and rehabilitated. Interior work is being carried out there and they are being repaired. The underground passage will be illuminated.

    9.     The repair of  the underpass on Renasterii blvd (near the Circus building) will begin. The roof is already being rebuilt, followed by interior design, lighting installation and repair of access stairs.

    10.   Finalizing the works and their cost for the development of the lake area at 8 Albisoara street.

    11.   Complete rehabilitation of the road in Albișoara Street. The works will be financed from the state budget.

    12.   The complex arrangement of the pedestrian alley from Grigore Vieru blvd. The project provides for the replacement of asphalt, the installation of urban furniture and decorative night lighting, the arrangement of green spaces, with the installation of the automated irrigation system.

    13.   Rehabilitation works of the public storm sewage system in Albișoara street (cleaning of existing storm sewer grilles and construction of new ones). Cleaning the Bâc riverbed, on the side from the M. Viteazul street - Feredeului street. This is a project to solve the problem of flooding due to rain.