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    Ongoing projects in the Ciocana sector

     26.06.2020 14:15    610 Views    

    Implemented and ongoing projects in the Ciocana sector.

    1. Rehabilitation of the Mircea cel Batrin alley, one of the priority projects currently being implemented in this sector. The project will be completed by the City Day. Along the alley, there will be bike paths, children's playgrounds, fitness areas and 2 drinking fountains. Additional, irrigation and street lighting will also be installed in the area, the current fence on both directions of the road will be replaced, and the urban furniture (benches and baskets ) will be installed.

    2. The underpass on the Alecu Russo street will be fully rehabilitated.

    3. Negotiations are currently underway with several economic agents to establish a summer theater in the Ciocana sector.

    4. The design works are being executed for the construction extension of  Mircea cel Bătrân Boulevard, from of Prof. I. Dumeniuc Street to Bucovinei Street.

    5. The project documentation has been elaborated for the construction extending of the trolleybus line on Mircea cel Bătrân Blvd from Prof. I. Dumeniuc street to Bucovinei street.

    6. It is planned the works for paving on the pedestrian alley in the forest area on M. Sadoveanu street. The project will be completed in a week, sponsored by an economic agent in the sector.

    7. The permissive acts for the design of the the Industrial street rehabilitation are elaborated.