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    Ongoing projects in the Botanica sector

     26.06.2020 14:00    609 Views    

    The completed and ongoing projects in the Botanica sector.

    1. Completion of the reconstruction works of the pedestrian alley from  Dacia blvd, 2 - 10, including the access stairs from Dacia blvd and Hristo Botev Street. Arranging the access ramp for people with disabilities and installing decorative street lighting.

    2. Upgrading the road to the library "Stefan cel Mare" on Decebal Boulevard. A staircase will be reconstructed there, and a ramp for people with disabilities arranging, the installation of the pavement, upgrading the roof and the entrance to the library.

    3. The project documentation is elaborated for the arrangement and modernization of the "Sarmisegetusa" square. The project provides for the restoration of C. Brâncuși street (from Belgrade street to Butucului street), and a border will be installed along the (Butucului - Sarmizegetusa - Cuza Vodă). The alley will be equipped with an autometed irrigation system and street lighting, urban furniture will also be installed, trees will be planted, and the lawn will be restored.

    4. The adjacent territory to the municipal library "M. Lomonosov", located at the address Dacia Boulevard, will be improved. The project involves the restoration of stairs at the entrance to the library (three stairs in three levels). The space around the library will be paved and access for people with disabilities will be facilitated.

    5. The total reconstruction of the road in Dante Alighieri Street is currently underway. The works consist in the reconstruction of a retaining wall along the road Muncesti street. So far, the old curbs have been replaced  and new ones installed. The roadway will be widened and completely paved.

    6. Rehabilitation of two underground passages: at the intersection of Decebal blvd and N. Titulescu  street and at the intersection of Dacia blvd and Teilor street.