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    Repair of Dante Alighieri Street, Botanica District

     24.06.2020 14:52    531 Views    

    Chisinau City Hall informs that on Dante Alighieri Street in the Botanica District, road rehabilitation works are being carried out, in the perimeter of Cetatea Alba Street - Muncesti road, after previously the road section was damaged due to the interventions for laying the utilities in a sector of newly built blocks around. 

    The road rehabilitation project consists of the milling of old asphalt and the application of a new,, the arrangement of sidewalks, the installation of new curbs, the construction of a support wall in order to prevent the degradation of the road foundation.

    Ion Ceban, the General Mayor mentioned that the interventions on the streets of the capital are necessary activities, which the people of Chisinau have been waiting for many years. An eloquent example is Dante Alighieri Street, which was completely damaged 4 years ago and needs repair.

    The works are executed by M.E. "Exdrupo" and will last about 2 weeks. The costs for road rehabilitation are borne by the real estate company, which has built a residential complex in the vicinity.