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    Digitization of document management processes within Chisinau City Hall and structural subdivisions

     17.06.2020 14:47    434 Views    

    Chisinau City Hall informs that the process regarding the management of the internal documents of the institution will be digitized by implementing a project in this regard. Thus, in order to manage the volume of documents issued by the institution, at the first stage will be launched 3 information systems relevant to the field of activity: "Document Management", "Management of Petitions" and "Human Resources Management".

    The new software will ensure the registration of documents in electronic format, their storage and search, control of execution as well as images of paper documents, contributing to a greater transparency of operational processes.

    For the implementation of the new initiative, the Chisinau City Hall today signed a collaboration contract with "Information Technology and Cyber Security Service" on the development of applications, service provision and technical and logistical support.

    During the event, Ion Ceban the General Mayor mentioned that the municipality aims to provide quality services for citizens, this being possible only by modernizing all processes at the institutional level. "We aim for the Chisinau City Hall to become more and more transparent, and for the term" the most corrupt institution "to be no longer associated with this entity," the Mayor of the capital said.

    According to Ion Ceban, at the first stage of implementation of the document management project, it is possible that some officials, internally, treat the new processes with reluctance, this situation being noticed in the process of managing the platforms already implemented, through which it was aimed at improving the quality of the services provided, in order to add value to the working processes.

    In turn, Serghei Popovici, director of the  "Information Technology and Cyber Security Service" welcomed the municipality's intention to implement digitized services for managing internal processes. "We are pleasantly surprised that Chisinau City Hall wants more transparency in service delivery for citizens, and the digitization of the 3 work systems will provide an institutional memory, a process that will exclude internal administration difficulties ", the director mentioned.