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    Arrangement of a pedestrian area in the "Butoiaș" Park, Buiucani District

     10.06.2020 11:34    506 Views    

    Ion Ceban the General Mayortoday inspected the alley from "Butoiaș" Park from the intersection of N. Costin street and O. Ghibu street where the works for arranging a pedestrian area started. The project provides for the installation of night lighting, as well as street furniture (benches and rubbish bins) on a length of 1.9 km.

    The costs of the landscaping works are borne by a construction company, and the urban furniture will be installed by the City Hall of Buiucani Distrct. The deadline for completion of the project is one month. 

    The pedestrian alley will make the connection between O. Ghibu and L. Deleanu streets with exit to Balcani Road. Subsequently, this track will be extended to Calea Ieșilor and will facilitate pedestrian access to "La Izvor" Park.

    Ion Ceban the General Mayor mentioned that the municipal authorities will continue to create the conditions for recreation for the inhabitants of the capital in order to offer them the possibility to spend their free time with their family. "We intend to arrange several such alleys in the green areas of the capital's sectors," the Mayor said.

    It is worth mentioning that the project started earlier by arranging a pedestrian alley on a portion of 400 meters, between Paris Street - O. Ghibu Street.