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    The municipality gives up street trade in the summer of 2020

     09.06.2020 10:29    811 Views    

    Chisinau City Hall will give up street trading during this summer, and the provision on organizing such sales will be revoked. An announcement in this regard was made by the  General Mayor, Ion Ceban, during the operational meeting of the municipal services.

    Mayor's reaction comes at a time when municipal authorities have been informed of the appearance in recent days of several booths in parks, streets and sidewalks. Most of these units do not have permits acts for their activity.

    "My question is: who allowed the location of the booths, if it was clear that the subject is responsible for, the  Sectors' Pretors and the Deputy Mayors Victor Chironda and Inga Ionesii? I agreed that this kind of street trade should be allowed during the summer, being assured that the activity is well organized, year after year. I signed the disposition, but already from the first week people thought they could do what they wanted ", said Ion Ceban.

    Thus, the Mayor asked Deputy Mayor Ilie Ceban to evaluate the legal part in order to revoke the provision on the organization of street trading in the summer of 2020 in order to stop illegal actions in this field.

    The Mayor set a deadline of 2 days for the booths evacuation  installed during this period (the last 3-4 days), while warning the Pretors on the management of this concern.