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    Collaboration agreement regarding the efficiency of the financial-accounting processes at municipal level

     05.06.2020 09:08    353 Views    

    On Thursday, Chisinau City Hall and the Public Institution "Center for Information Technologies in Finance" signed an inter-institutional collaboration agreement on developing and improving the quality of information systems in the field of public finance and accounting within the municipal structural subdivisions.

    The document establishes the cooperation relations between the parties, in order to ensure the transparency and operationalization of the accounting and financial services of the structural subdivisions and economic entities subordinated to the City Hall.

    The basic objective of the collaboration between the parties refers to the promotion of digitalization in the operational processes, in order to improve the quality of the accessibility of the services and the transparency of the information of public interest.

    After signing the agreement, Ion Ceban the General Mayor mentioned that in the first stage activities will be planned for the municipal educational institutions. "Many things are happening in this sector where we should get involved, from each institution in particular to the centralization of data by sector, including at the central level," the mayor of the capital concluded.

    According to Ion Ceban, the final objective is for the information on public finances in Chisinau to be available to citizens and interested persons based on requests or online, on the information platforms of the City Hall. Citizens have the right to know how to use the money that they as taxpayers direct to the formation of the public budget of the capital.

    In his turn, Vitalie Coceban,  the Director of the Center for Information Technologies in Finance expressed his hope that this project, which aims at managing public finances at the municipal level will be operational within a few months. "We will make sustained efforts for the process of unification and centralization of financial data to ensure the quality of primary data processing and presentation of public information online about the financial statements within the activity of Chisinau City Hall," the director of the institution said.