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    Academician Gheorghe Paladi, honored by the Chisinau City Hall

     09.05.2020 13:32    524 Views    

    The General Mayor, Ion Ceban, congratulated today the academician Gheorghe Paladi, obstetrician, doctor in medicine, university professor, Knight of the Republic Order, who turned 91 years.

    The university professor, Gheorghe Paladi, is the founder of the obstetric-gynecological service in the Republic, part of the "golden promotion" of the State University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Nicolae Testemițanu".

    "Hardworking and dedicated to their profession people are always  valued, and if they are doctors who treat and save human lives every day, their merits cannot be overestimated. Happy birthday, Mr. Academician, Gheorghe Paladi! You are a person with rare decency, a valuable scientist. Remain a good example for future generations of doctors! ", mentioned the Mayor.

    Academician George Paladi owns the idea of founding the "Mother and Child" Institute in the mid-60s of the last century, and for more than 70 years he has been working in the capital's Municipal Hospital No. 1.

    As a sign of gratitude for the contribution made to the medical field, Chisinau City Hall will propose the renaming of the Municipal Clinical Hospital IMSP no. 1, in honor of the doctor and university professor, Gheorghe Paladi.

    An initiative in this regard came from the medical community from the capital.