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    Development of online courses for pupils in Chisinau

     19.03.2020 17:33    677 Views    

    Chisinau Municipality is developing a digital platform (online library) where lessons will be prepared and stored in digital format. They will be available to pupils starting next week.

    The best teachers in all disciplines were selected for teaching the lessons.

    Currently, online courses are recorded in the studios of higher education institutions in the capital.

    The online library will provide access to all beneficiaries of the educational system of the municipality, with additional availabilities for students from all over the country.

    The Deputy Mayor of the capital, Angela Cutasevici, said that thanks to this new learning platform, programmed and centralized, which offers distance learning, pupils will have the opportunity to recover the material. "For each course, links will be provided, both for additional learning and for organizing interactive tasks. Thank you for the collaboration and involvement of all the participants in this project", said the Deputy Mayor.

    We remind you that the development of a digital platform does not involve additional costs since the Chisinau City Hall collaborates with several partners in this regard.