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    The underpass on the viaduct will be rehabilitated

     12.03.2020 18:04    366 Views    

    The City Hall of Chisinau informs that next week repair work will begin in the underground passage on the Viaduct. These will last three months, and the costs will be borne by the economic agent, the owner of a shopping center nearby.

    Underpass repair work will include the restoration and lighting of the walls, reconstruction of the stairs and the installation of the access ramps for the persons with disabilities.

    The General Mayor Ion Ceban said the municipal administration intends to restore underground passages based on public-private partnerships.

    After rehabilitation, the underpasses will bear the names of major cities or countries around the world. Thus, the passage on the Viaduct will be called "Istanbul".

    Other undergrounds in the capital will be renamed: "Bucharest", "Moscow", "Brussels", "Tel Aviv", "Vienna" or "Baku". At the same time, inside the passages, landscapes from the cities whose names they bear will be reproduced.

    "We intend to rehabilitate more underground crossings in the near future so that they become accessible and comfortable for citizens," said the General Mayor.

    The Mayor also noted that the audit was completed, the purpose of which was to identify opportunities for improving the administration of underpasses, where many irregularities were discovered.

    "In this area, as, in many others, we found big problems, but will be brought back to normal. We can publish some of the documents, and it will be posted on the mayoralty's website, " Ion Ceban concluded.