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    The General Mayor had a meeting with Prime Minister, Mr. Ion Chicu

     04.03.2020 17:21    395 Views    

    The General Mayor, Ion Ceban had a meeting today with the Prime Minister Ion Chicu. The head of the municipality informed the head of the Ministers' Cabinet about the current projects of the municipality regarding the modernization and expansion of the city's road infrastructure.

    By the end of this year, the Mayoralty intends to assemble a batch of 100 buses from Belarus to improve the quality of public transport services. The new transport units will be assembled within the M.E. "Urban Bus Park", and thus more jobs will be provided. The buses have modern equipment, German-made Euro 5 engines, low floor, for access for people with reduced mobility, rear alarm, outdoor video system and internal too, etc. After the Municipal City Council votes on the acquisition, the procedure will be launched, so that the first buses will arrive in Moldova in July this year.

    Also, the Mayor announced the intention of the municipality to assemble 50 new trolleybuses in Chisinau, as well as about the arrangement of 10 thousand new parking spaces for cars.

    In his turn, Prime Minister Chicu welcomed the intentions of the Chisinau Local Public Administration regarding an early and effective solution to the problem of passenger traffic in Chisinau, which had been ignored for a long time, causing dissatisfaction among citizens.

    During the discussions between the two officials, the topic of short-term and long-term solutions for the reconstructed wastewater treatment plant in Chisinau was also touched upon. Mayor Ion Ceban mentioned the actions currently being taken by the local authorities and to solve the existing problem. "This is a priority area of activity, because all we will do is attract investments, repair roads, etc., all our efforts will be overshadowed by the problem of the smell in the city ", Ion Ceban said.