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    The mayor of the capital met with the Parliament president

     12.02.2020 17:05    328 Views    

    The mayor of Chisinau municipality, Ion Ceban, met on Wednesday with the Chairman of the Legislative, Zinaida Greceanii.

    Officials discussed current issues for the municipality, including  the increase of the security degree and planning of public places, efficient waste management, and the need to amend draft laws that will made the owners of buildings responsible for planning and maintaining the spaces and the surrounding territories. 

    Ion Ceban mentioned that in partnership with the Parliament, the municipality intends to arrange parking spaces in the institution's garage. "For this, it is proposed to be offered to the  Chisinau City Hall , 3 floors out of 5. The Speaker, Zinaida Grecianîi noted that our request will be discussed at the Permanent Bureau of the Parliament. We also announced that soon we will have a concept for arranging paid parking throughout the central zone of the city.

    We count on the openness that the Legislative proves in achieving the objectives set by the  Local public administration of Chisinau ", mentioned the mayor of the capital.

    It is worth mentioning that the Chisinau City Hall is preparing several legislative initiatives that will be proposed for public discussion, and subsequently for Parliament's approval.