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    Improving the quality of services provided to citizens by implementing information technologies

     12.02.2020 13:09    415 Views    

    The General Mayor Ion Ceban and the President of the National Association of Information and Communications Technology Companies (ATIC) Veaceslav Kunev signed today, February 12, 2020, a Memorandum of Understanding on the development of the digitizing system for public services and identifying solutions for the Smart City in Chisinau municipality.

    The document aims is to improve the citizens quality life through the implementing digital platforms to increase the performance level of urban services, such as public transport, optimize resource consumption and reduce public cost, as well as increase the transparency of the Chisinau City Hall.

    The mayor of Chisinau municipality, Ion Ceban, noted that for local public administration, the priority should be current and strategic planning through the information technologies, where citizens can get a quick solution to the problem.

    "Initially, we intend to develop the euchisinau.md platform, a project funded by UNDP Moldova, where people will be able to notify municipal authorities about the issues in the city. At the same time, by the end of March we intend to digitize the process of receiving and issuing authorizations for construction and trade in order to reduce the human factor. Other capitals have succeeded, so we will succeed too, especially we have  potential in this area here, at home, to attract the good specialists that we have, " said the General Mayor.

    In his turn, ATIC Chairman Veaceslav Kunev noted that IT developers will contribute with consultative expertise in the process of developing the Smart City concept for Chisinau, and residents will see the first results during this year.

    In addition, ATIC will oversee the implementation of the solutions identified by the municipality in order to develop the city from a technological point of view.


    Memorandumul de înțelegere privind dezvoltarea sistemului de digitalizare a serviciilor publice și identificarea soluțiilor de Smart City pentru municipiul Chișinău.