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    Identification of the financing mechanisms of the energy efficiency projects in the residential sector

     10.02.2020 18:22    471 Views    

    The representatives of the municipal administration today had a working meeting with the experts of the "Sustainable Green Cities" Project implemented by UNDP Moldova and funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF), on the topic of implementing energy efficiency projects at the level of the municipal housing fund, the conditions when the City Hall allocates important sources of money annually from the budget, but the situation in the housing sector managed by the municipality degrades.

    According to experts, the residential buildings sector has a potential for energy savings of about 60%, which can be explored through good governance at national and local levels.

    Conclusions in this regard were expressed by the participants at the meeting of representatives of local public administration, international consultants and experts of the project "Sustainable Green Cities".

    During the discussions, they set out a series of successful examples, implemented in European countries, which could serve as landmarks for Chisinau City Hall, in order to strengthen the municipal housing fund. These include energy efficiency projects, with reduced heat consumption, thermal insulation of building facades, modernization of indoor thermal networks and installation of photovoltaic panels to obtain electricity, which could be used to illuminate common areas and basements.

    For the realization of these initiatives, grants will be offered from international bodies and the municipality, and on the other hand, the owners of apartments in the block will have to overcome the form of municipal management of the blocks, passing to private management, through the creation of associations of co-owners in the condominium ( ACC) and also for improvements will contribute financial sources, reflected in the tariff.

    In this context,  Ilie Ceban, deputy mayor of the capital reiterated the City Hall's interest in supporting initiatives aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, as well as bills for thermal energy, as well as strengthening the capacities of tenant associations.