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    Initiation of measures to implement projects in the sustainable energy and environment investment sector

     07.02.2020 12:07    369 Views    

    Chisinau City Hall created a working group to strengthen institutional capacities and to implement projects in the investment sector of sustainable energy and environment, in order to evaluate and elaborate the feasibility study of the current situation and to develop the sustainable energy and environment sectors in the municipality. A disposition to this effect was signed by, Ion Ceban, General  Mayor.

    The nominated group is chaired by Deputy Mayor Ilie Ceban, and from it are representatives of Chisinau LPA: heads of the structural subdivisions and municipal councilors, as well as representatives of the development partners and independent experts.

    The basic functions of the working group refer to the evaluation of the current situation in the field of energy and environment in the territory of Chisinau municipality, the organization of public consultations with the inhabitants of Chisinau municipality, the business environment and experts in the field, interested in the mentioned fields, in order to identify the solutions for measures. optimal, elaboration of the specifications, setting the main purpose and objectives for the elaboration of the local action plan; mediation and cooperation with the central public authorities, representatives of the business environment and development partners, on the size of the compulsory application of the legislation in force, in the field of energy and the environment, etc.

    The first meeting of the working group was held on Friday, February 7. The meeting was attended by: Jaunzems Dzintars - international expert of the Institute of Energy Systems and Environment - from Latvia, Victor Parlicov - national expert, representative of the Convention of the EU Mayors for Sustainable Energy and Environment etc. Here the steps of subsequent co-operation and the tasks of the course were established.

    Ilie Ceban and Victor Chironda mentioned about the increased interest of the municipality in the development and consolidation of the energy sector, being included as priority objectives on the 2020 agenda.

    The representatives of the civil society reiterated the urgent need for intervention in the problems of the capital of the energy field, one of them being the exaggerated losses of energy consumption when maintaining the municipal buildings in the social sphere; identifying the necessary sources for investments in this sector, ensuring a cost-effective process of saving the financial means in the long term.

    The participants in the meeting also referred to the need to improve the organization chart of the Municipal Service for investments in energy and environment projects, in order to prioritize the energy investment sector and launch the process of consultations and thematic public debates on identifying optimal solutions, based on the current situation.