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    Mr. Ion Ceban attended to the Republic' Mayors meeting

     22.01.2020 17:44    416 Views    

    Chisinau Municipality's General Mayor Ion Ceban attended to the Republic localities Mayors meeting on Wednesday. The event was held under the auspices of the Republic of Moldova Government.

    During the meeting were addressed topics aimed at the implementation of infrastructure projects in the republic localities.

    These mainly refer to the capital repair of the roads, the street lighting, the connection of the localities to the network of water supply and sewerage, the waste management, the final outcome and registration process of the buildings, as well as the employees wage problem in the budgetary system .

    The local elected officials presented their vision regarding the development of the localities they represent, as well as problems that require central government intervention.

    In his speech, Ion Ceban noted that the Chisinau municipality currently cooperates well with the main institutions of the state: the Presidency, Parliament and Government. "We are united by many worries and problems, but also the desire to change something. Together, we come up with concrete action plans in all areas to improve the quality of the citizens life. Only by strengthening our efforts we will succeed in changing things to the better , "said the mayor of the capital.