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    Approval of the Chisinau 2020 municipal budget in two readings

     27.12.2019 16:09    1445 Views    

    Chisinau City Council voted on Thursday in two readings Chisinau municipal budget for 2020. To approve the budget project, 40 municipal councilors, all presents, voted.

    Thus, the main economic document of Chisinau municipality for the year 2020 foresees revenues in the amount of 4.3 billion lei, including transfers from the state budget 2.4 billion lei and expenses in the amount of 4.6 billion lei.

    The largest budget expenditures in 2020 are foreseen for the social sphere - 67.4 percent or 3.1 billion lei (the main spending groups: education, culture, health care and social protection).

    The expenses related to the communal household, the transport and the road management are foreseen in the amount of 1.3 billion lei or 28.3 percent of the total expenses.

    There are expected to be allocated 863.5 million lei for transport and road households. For the public transport it is proposed to allocate the amount of 448.5 million lei, of which for the M.E. "the Electric Transport Company " - 268.5 million lei, including for the assembly of trolleybuses - 26.5 million. For the M. E. "Urban Bus Park" is provided 168.5 million lei, of which for the procurement / assembly of buses - 33.5 million lei. At the same time, for the implementation of the project "Electronic charging system in the public transport in Chisinau" are expected 1,5 million lei.

    For the maintenance and repair of roads, 272.9 million lei are foreseen, including from the state budget transfers account - 169.2 million lei. From the external loans account are foreseen the works in the amount of 131 million lei, within the Project "Rehabilitation of the central streets and modernization of the public lighting from the center of Chisinau".

    Expenses related to transport and road management account for 18.5% of total expenditures.

    For repairs works and capital investments, are foreseen the financial means in the amount of 113.4 million lei, including for the suburbs of Chisinau municipality - 64 million lei.

    The expected budget deficit is 291.6 million lei. The deficit financing sources are to be obtained from the apartments sales, the internal loans and the balance of money means formed on the municipal budget account on 01.01.2020.

    The General Mayor, Mr. Ion Ceban, thanked the municipal councilors for approving the budget document within a reasonable time, thereby the executive could implement the proposed projects, including infrastructure, the city modernization and socio-cultural ones. "It is time to work for the future of the municipality, and those who will appreciate our efforts are citizens," said the Mayor.