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    Creating Working Group, with the participation of kiosks traders in order to elaborate a new concept for the street trade

     17.12.2019 14:51    533 Views    

    Chisinau City Hall informs that the Working Group for the elaboration of the new concept regarding the activity of the street trade will be created during the current week. The team will be chaired by the General Mayor, Mr. Ion Ceban, and the Deputy Mayor of the branch, Victor Chironda, will be responsible for the implementation of the policy in the field. Also, the representatives of the economic agents with booths will be included in the group. Within 3-4 months, the team will elaborate a new policy at municipal level regarding the activity of street trade.

    Statements in this regard were made on Tuesday, by the General Mayor, Mr. Ion Ceban, in a new dialogue with the economic agents, owners of kiosks.

    The mayor of the capital underline that the recently evacuated kiosks from the streets do not return, under any pretext in the city: neither to the streets, nor to the yards or to other places, until a new profile policy will be approved.

    The Mayor's reaction came in the context when it was again tried to convince the authorities regarding the continuation of the activity of the street trading units.

    Also, the economic agents have been warned, repeatedly, that the registration of the new cases of marketing of tobacco products from kiosks, will be sanctioned by the immediate evacuation of the trading unit.

    In this context, Mr. Ion Ceban also said that the location of the new booths, which would correspond to the established rigors by the local authorities, will be based by the contest decision, because the current situation can no longer be accepted. "All the kiosks and booths will be replaced, and the municipality will elaborate the concept of their location. If you want to live in a modern city, then you must comply with the standards imposed by the authorities, "said the head of the municipal administration.

    Also, the Mayor asked the merchants of tobacco kiosks, to present to the municipality the lists of redundancies persons, as a result of the evacuation of the units that were operating illegally, to be offered aids for a certain period of time.

    We remind that during the previous week 90 streets kiosks were evacuated from the capital streets, selling tobacco products around the educational and medical institutions.