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    Delegates from Chisinau City Hall will visit Bucharest and Moscow

     09.12.2019 17:27    477 Views    

    The municipality representatives and experts in various fields of activity, will conduct a working visit and exchange of experience in Bucharest during the current week. The goal of the visit is to initiate new projects that will be launched in 2020.

    The  General Mayor, Mr. Ion Ceban, announced this on Monday during the meeting of the municipal services. The delegation from Chisinau City Hall are going to travel to Bucharest on Wednesday and will be led by the Deputy Mayor on social issues,  Mrs. Angela Cutasevici.

    The collaboration between the two municipalities was recently established, within the framework of duty journey of the Chisinau delegation to Bucharest.

    It aims to cooperate on several fields of activity: exchange of experience, initiation of common projects of local development, mutual promotion on economy, culture, education, tourism.

    Also this week, another delegation from local public administration representatives of Chisinau municipality will go to visit  Moscow, in order to take over best practices and exchange of experience. These collaborations were established during the meeting between the Mayor  Mr. Ion Ceban and his counterpart in the Russian capital,  Mr. Sergei Sobeanin.

    In the next period, visits of the expert groups in Kiev are planned on the municipality's agenda. In this case, the specialists will exchange experience in the field of urban planning and implementation of the unique data monitoring system.