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    Opening of kindergarten groups from the high school - kindergarten education complex "Kiril and Metodiu"

     15.10.2019 12:25    798 Views    


    Chisinau City Hall informs that on Tuesday, 15 October 2019, it was inaugurated, after the capital repair, the kindergarten block of the educational complex "Kiril and Metodiu" from A. Hajdeu str., 72, for 4 groups and 100 places. 

    The event was attended by the Acting General Mayor, Adrian Talmaci, municipal councilors and managers from the General Department for Education, Youth and Sports, responsible for the municipal subdivision, educators and parents.

    The Acting General Mayor noted that by reorganization of the "Kiril and Metodiu" High school, the municipal authorities managed to solve 2 problems of the educational system in the Rascani sector: to provide children in the territory with places in kindergarten and providing an opportunity for parents in the sector to educate their little ones in an institution with teaching in their native language (Russian). "Also, through such an institutional organization, children have the opportunity to go to kindergarten, and to school, close to home, without the major use of cars, which is important for a sector in the historic center of the City" said Adrian Talmaci.

    In turn, the Head of the General Department for Education, Youth and Sport, Rodica Guțu, congratulated the children and parents for the opening of the "Kiril and Methodius" kindergarten, which is unique in Chisinau, because the child comes here at the age of 3 and stays until the graduate the high school.

    The works for the rehabilitation of the building were carried out during the period: 06.06 - 07.10.2019 and aimed at the re-planning of the spaces, the repair of the ceilings and walls, the change of the carpentry and the engineering networks, the arrangement of the sanitary groups, the food block, the furnishing of the pavilion and the playground. In the next period the territory of the kindergarten and 4 pavilions will be arranged.

    Within the institution were opened 4 new kindergartens for the institutionalization of 100 children from the Rascani sector. The realization of the project comes as a result of the reorganization of the "Kiril si Metodiu" High School, in the high school - kindergarten Educational Complex with training in Russian from 01.09.2019.

    The building of the "Kiril and Metodiu" high school was put into operation in 1981 and consisted of 3 study blocks with a total capacity of about 1600 places and from 2009 only two blocks were used in the educational process.

    The decision of the municipal authorities to open groups of kindergartens within the existing institution was motivated by the large number of requests for early childhood education services, shortage of seats in kindergartens in the sector and as well as non-use more than 10 years of a high school education block.

    The cost of repairing the kindergarten building, as a result of the tender, is 6.6 million lei.