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    Ion Ceban, the General Mayor: "100 days as a part of the team and with the team. Only together we can change things for the better in Chisinau!"

     21.02.2020 11:05    485 Views    

    One hundred days have passed since I am the Mayor of Chisinau.

    As I promised I keep saying: in Chisinau City Hall there is no place for politics but only for the implementation of innovative, modern policies and only for the benefit of the inhabitants of our capital.

    I found 100 days ago a chaos that lasted too long in Chisinau and what I could say that we hadn't a capital of the Republic of Moldova, but a large locality with corrupt leaders who were doing their own interests. I found an institution that was not transparent and open to its people with turnstile at the entrance and bureaucratic actions.

    But I also found a team of good people, workers who want to change things for the better.

    That is why, behind me, I have people who in turn, behind each of those present, is a team, in these 100 days, we work side by side together. We will continue to do our duty and we will make efforts, step by step, to modernize Chisinau even if some people dislike this.

    I am convinced that only together we can change things in Chisinau!

    I declare that we will continue to act in accordance with the law and only in the interest of the citizens.

    Starting from this fact:

    Together with the team we started to make order in the city and also in the City Hall doing simple things at first sight, but so complex and important for all the inhabitants. For the problems that have been gathering for years we started to find solutions and solve them.

    Releasing the city from illegally located objectives:

     From the 5 districts were evacuated:

    262 - booths

    173 - foundations left after the evacuation of the booths

    567 - billboards

    29 - metal garages

    12 - shears

    99 - fences

    2 - storage closet

    12 - caravans

    All these objectives were located against the law and several lands of the municipality were seized by some citizens. No one so far did not have the courage to remove these legalities or we suspect that they had interests.

    Stopping illegal construction in the city:

    14 in number.

    In this domain:

    The City Hall submitted to the Parliament a package of amendments in the field of construction which comes to increase the capacity of local authorities in the field of issuing permissive acts in construction and control over the construction process. The document was voted on in two readings.

    The manner of issuing building authorization to ensure compliance with urban planning documentation was revised.

    Today's City Hall does not aim to hinder the development of the construction business. We want the city to develop but no signatures will be placed on non-compliant documents and no town planning certificates will be issued contrary to the law and regulations. The City Hall will no longer allow the authorization of constructions on municipal lands leased at a price of 20 thousand lei, for one hectare of land which in fact this land must be capitalized at a much higher price. As a result, more money should come in the budget as well and these sources should be invested in the roads of the capital.

    I also have a message for people who have already bought apartments in the blocks where violations were allowed and the works were stopped. I specify that for this purpose:

    A working group has been set up to resolve conflicts in the field of urban planning and construction.

    We are aware that, on the one hand, there are dissatisfied residents who are suffocating from the constructions that appeared overnight like mushrooms after rain and on the other hand it is the people who have invested and we must not let the citizens to be trouble.

    I fight the claims and rumors that the City Hall has stopped all construction in the city. Everything that is legal is allowed.

    Chisinau City Hall has announced an extensive cleaning campaign in the city.

    All the praetors, heads of departments and companies have been and are still involved in actions to clean up the city also conducting campaigns to inform citizens about maintaining cleanliness. In this regard posters were placed warning citizens to keep order.

    According to the legislation we forced the economic agents to clean around the buildings, shops, bars, cafes, barbershops but also other properties they own.

    A new "Regulation on sanitation and cleanliness in the city of Chisinau" has been drafted and public consultations on the project are currently being announced.

    A draft amendment to the Contravention Code is being drafted regarding the tightening of sanctions for dumping garbage in public places.

    We have ordered the verification and removal of problems for several large projects previously launched for the city and which are underway and some contracts have been signed and implemented:

    Since 2012, Chisinau City Hall has contracted and guaranteed over 120 million Euros today we have money that has not been disbursed in the amount of over 60 million Euros. Because the money was not recovered correctly and on time the Local Public Administration pays 0.6% annually for this amount. Today the City Hall revitalized the discussions with all creditors and executors of the projects in order to capitalize on this money in the shortest possible time.

    The municipality took control of the situation at the Wastewater Treatment Plant and transferred the entire management of JSC "Apa-Canal Chisinau" on site to control the work process and progress in the execution of construction of the new station, which was to be completed in June this year, but the works are completed only in proportion of 27 %. Until March 1 following consultations with foreign experts JSC "Apa-Canal Chisinau" will come up with an action plan to eliminate unpleasant odors and avoid aggravating the situation.

    I ordered the verification of the projects regarding the repair and construction of the streets: 31 August 1989 and Ion Creanga where I found violations which need to be removed.

    For example, the repair works of Ion Creanga Street were carried out without taking into account and changing the underground networks, aqueduct and sewerage, whose degree of wear is over 90 percent and this project was to be completed in May, 2019. Thus, due to the faulty management so far JSC "Apa-Canal Chisinau" must allocate 11 million lei from the budget in order to change the underground networks and only after that to return with repairs.

    The problem of underground passages: on January 1, 2020, the debts to the municipality of economic agents which lease commercial spaces were in the amount of 16 million 500 thousand lei. All economic operators that have contracts with the City Hall do not have commercial activity in these underground but sublet them to other economic agents at a price 20 times higher.

    Likewise, we initiated the procedure for terminating the contracts with economic agents who arranged commercial pavilions in the bus stops for public transport. At the same time the contract with "Epamedia" was inventoried which was concluded with major deviations until 2021.

    The contract with Tantareni commune was extended regarding the disposal of solid waste.

    Opening of a new complex for housing stray dogs in the capital where 800 m² aviaries have been set up.

    Streets, sidewalks under repair:

    Cold asphalt was intervened on 200 streets

    Interventions were made to repair the sidewalks at 3 addresses

    These things are a priority for Chisinau residents. People are tired of repairing cars because of holes on the road, walking through mud and broken sidewalks but also waiting for public transport in the rain, being in the bus stops. We will continue to identify funding for the rehabilitation and construction of roads, sidewalks and bus stops in the city. We started filling the most problematic streets with cold asphalt, we started to arrange and repair sidewalks, where no intervention was made for years.

    Infrastructure, urban planning and public transport projects

    Financial sources have been identified for the purchase of 40 new trolleybuses and for the arrangement of car parks in the Center area.

    Re-launching the trolleybus route no. 16 with extension on some streets where there was no previous traffic and the distribution of a trolleybus for Truseni. In total there are 5 units.

    The elaboration of the project for arranging a park in the area adjacent to the Circus was initiated.

    The rehabilitation works of the Square from Bucuriei Street in the Buiucani District of the capital have started.

    The development project envisages the rehabilitation of sidewalks and pedestrian alleys, the change of street furniture and the reconstruction of green spaces.

    The arrangement works of the Mezon square from bd. Moscow, Rascani District. Pedestrian alleys were rehabilitated, decorative street lighting; street furniture and trash cans were installed.

    The process of updating and modernizing the General Urban Plan of Chisinau has started.

    The process of elaborating the Urban Mobility Plan has resumed.

    Initiation of the project of organizing dedicated lanes for public transport on the main streets of the city, Pushkin, Bodoni streets and Stefan cel Mare si Sfint bd.

    Initiation of the process of systematization of parking lots adjacent to the road in the central area of ​​the city.

    The plan for repair and modernization of the city's pedestrian infrastructure, sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, green spaces was developed.

    The concept of reorganizing the street trade is being developed and will be presented at the end of the month.

    Initiating the process of reorganizing everything that means street advertising and that on the facades of buildings.

    The technical condition of the underpasses was assessed to begin the repair process.

    We aimed for the Chisinau City Hall to become transparent and the services digitized

    The "eu.chisinau.md" platform has been launched. Citizens can notify the local authorities about two issues - sanitation and public lighting. New modules and compartments will be included shortly.

    I signed the Agreement between Chisinau City Hall and the My Community Program, funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The aim of the document is to support local public authorities to become more efficient and more transparent.

    The Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Chisinau City Hall and the National Association of ICT Companies on the development of the public service digitization system and the development of Smart City solutions.

    The action plan for the implementation of the project on electronic charging in public transport was developed.

    A series of locations for the construction of multi-storey car parks were identified; one of them being the Parliament garage, where we agreed to arrange 3 floors of parking lots out of the 5 existing ones. At the same time, a concept for the construction of rolling car parks was developed.

    Chisinau City Hall wants to develop the economic potential of the capital

    The Collaboration Agreement was signed between the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Chisinau City Hall. Several events are to be organized jointly.

    The concept of the Investment Fund and the Draft Statute of its operation status were elaborated. The City Hall is currently negotiating with potential founders of this platform. The purpose of the Fund is to develop economic, social and infrastructure projects.

    We have arranged for a trolleybus route to temporarily provide, between February 1th   and 2nd , the direct connection between the center of the capital and the International Exhibition Center "Moldexpo". Such routes will be open during the exhibitions.

    It is already established for next week to be signed the Collaboration Agreement with the Receiving Tourism Association of the Republic of Moldova in order to promote Chisinau as a tourist destination.

    The process of elaborating the concept of reorganization of the Central Market is launched which must provide clear rules for organizing trade in the market including the stimulation and promotion of domestic producers.

    Chisinau City Hall will create a Donor Council to stimulate the attraction of grants and projects with the support of the World Bank, UNICEF and UNDP.

    Development of the municipal educational field

    The opening of the kindergarten no. 166 from N. Costin street, 13 groups of children and 260 places.

    The opening after the capital repair of the kindergarten-nursery no. 155 from Igor Vieru street, 14 groups with 320 places for children.

    Actions were initiated for the centralization and outsourcing of food procurement procedures with the support of UNDP Moldova.

    In order to improve the municipal education system, joint working groups have been created with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research.

    The International Day of Education was organized marked by the Municipal Educational Forum "Involvement for change" for the first time at the capital level, the public sector, academia, national and international development partners (UNESCO, UNDP, UNICEF, World Bank).

    The procedures for setting up the Municipal Council of Students and the Municipal Council of Youth have been started.

    The City Hall together with the Sports Federations collaborates to carry out several joint projects.

    The establishment the Parents' School at the Psycho-pedagogical Assistance Center.

    The establishment of working groups for combating the phenomenon of corruption together with several institutions (MoF, MECC, CNA, ANI, IPP, UNDP Moldova).

    Development of social services for the inhabitants of the capital

    Chisinau City Hall together with the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection has created a working group to solve health problems.

    Supporting people with special needs in Chisinau by providing the unique material aid of 500 lei for 2300 people for International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

    Supporting socially vulnerable families by providing financial assistance within the Social Support Service for families with children, 241 families with 557 children benefited from this help in a total amount of 1,624,000 lei.

    Initiating actions to ensure the social inclusion of people with special needs in public and private transport.

    Repair and transfer of the Social Service "Personal Assistance" to a new location adequate to the needs of the beneficiary children.

    The Municipal Medical Rehabilitation Center of the Municipal Clinical Hospital "Sf. Arhanghel  Mihail" was inaugurated with the financial support from the budget of the Capital City Hall, of 35 million lei.

    Improving medical services through the Kusanone program supported by the Government of Japan which awarded Municipal Children's Clinical Hospital No. 1 a grant of $ 57,240 for the purchase of a new ultrasonograph.

    Strengthening the collaboration with the French Embassy in the Republic of Moldova by equipping the physiotherapy office within the "Early Childhood Neurology Department" of the Municipal Clinical Hospital No. 1 with a batch of specialized equipment.

    Three sections of the "Sfinta Treime" Municipal Clinical Hospital were repaired: the Therapy Department, the Gynecology Department (with modern and spacious rooms with medical equipment and new furniture) as well as the Emergency Department. The ambulance access was rebuilt.

    The kitchens were arranged and adapted in 2 temporary placement centers thus improving the children's nutrition.

    Support for suburbs

    The localities within the Chisinau municipality received this year the largest budget allocations compared to previous years. The amount is twice as much but it is conditioned.

    The municipality will finance 70% of the projects to be implemented in the suburban localities; the remaining 30% will be co-financed by the local authorities.

    The priority projects for this year are:

    - Social infrastructure, schools and kindergartens

    - Construction of pipeline and gas networks

    - Roads

    - Transport

    The support announced by other countries for Chisinau

    The Collaboration Agreement, in addition to the Twinning Protocol, concluded between the Chisinau City Hall and the Bucharest City Hall on November 4, 1999, was approved by a majority of votes in the Chisinau Municipal Council and the prospects for strengthening the relations between Chisinau and Bucharest on segments of common interest.

    The support provided by the Government of the St. Petersburg Region for updating the General Urban Plan and arranging the park near the Circus.

    Signing the cooperation agreement between the City Hall of Sector 6 of Bucharest and the City Hall of the Buiucani District of Chisinau. Due to the agreement, the "Alunelul" park in the Buiucani sector will be rehabilitated.

    The support offered by the City Hall Minsk for the design and construction of the pedestrian passage between the "Valea Morilor" and "Dendrariu" parks.

    Repair of the old block (block A) of the "Gheorghe Asachi" high school within a restoration project worth 62 million lei with the support provided by Sector 1 of Bucharest.

    The exchange of experience with colleagues from Romania, Ukraine, Russian Federation, Turkey, Israel.

    Cultural-artistic and educational events

    Organizing events dedicated to the Christmas holidays. In record time, in collaboration with the Government we inaugurated the Christmas tree in the center of the capital and arranged the Christmas Fair.

    Over 30,000 children from kindergartens in the capital received free gifts on Christmas and New Year's celebrations offered by the Chisinau City Hall.

    Free services were provided for children who went to Central Market to take pictures with Mos Craciun and to some fun attractions organized there. It was a first step we are going to come up with improvements in the future.

    The Information Campaign about the city of Chisinau will be launched tomorrow. This is a video, which will be broadcast on public transport in the capital.

    The collaboration of the City Hall with the state institutions:

    The Chisinau City Hall, today, has a good collaboration with all state institutions: Presidency, Parliament and Government. We are always discussing the strategic development projects of Chisinau but also the current actions to be implemented. Together we manage to approach topics but also to exchange opinions, which helps us to analyze problems in complexity. In addition, we intend to carry out several large projects for the municipality.

    Likewise, we have created working groups with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection and also with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research. Thus, in order to improve the services offered to the citizens at municipal level to jointly carry out actions and activities, which will bring benefits.

    Team formation and staff reshuffles in Chisinau City Hall:

    The people in the positions they hold today in Chisinau City Hall were selected according to professional criteria.

    Many of those who left chose to do it themselves and probably had reasons but we also had great reservations about their integrity. Competitions for all vacancies have been announced. The chief architect of the city was also chosen through the competition. Moreover, we are open to attract young specialists and students can apply and do internships at City Hall.

    At the same time, I specify that, for the first time in the history of Chisinau, all deputy mayors have been invested. We currently have 4 competent, professional deputy mayors with a big experience in the fields they represent. The members of the Cabinet of the General Mayor are good specialists who show competence and responsibility.

    Behind this team are the heads of departments, municipal enterprises, directors of institutions which in turn also have teams of specialists.

    Thus, together with the team we implement those projects, proposals, decisions and those objectives are achieved which we set ourselves from the very beginning, when, likewise, I came in front of you and also here I announced my desire to become mayor of Chisinau.

    Chisinau City Hall must become a large factory for the production of quality services for the city and its inhabitants.

    I am sure that only together things can be changed for the better in the capital of the Republic of Moldova.

    That is why those projects that I have carried out in those 100 days since I came to the position of the General Mayor are due to teamwork. We will continue to do the same.