The document of strategic and sustainable planning of a Chisinau municipality - Chisinau - green city - Strategic planning of Chisinau municipality was approved by CMC

The Chisinau Municipal Council approved on Thursday the Strategic Planning and Sustainable Development Document "Chisinau - Green City - Strategic Planning of Chisinau". The project was developed with the support of the team of consultants employed by the EBRD, between: August 2018 - December 2019, being part of the EBRD's Green Cities Program.

Strategic planning is based on results and analyzes on the quality of the environment and a set of participatory assessments carried out in 3 steps: technical assessment; prioritization from the perspective of stakeholders and political evaluation.

A vision for a green, clean and safe city has been strengthened and the city's administration will contribute to progress.

Ion Ceban, the General Mayor wanted to mention that the priorities from the Strategic Planning Document will be established by the municipality: by the CMC and the executive, whether it will be decided to clean the lakes or the Bâc riverby using internal or external financial resources; for smaller or larger projects.

The overall vision that guides the Strategic Planning process is people-centered, to ensure a safe and healthy environment. Thus, strategic and specific objectives were established on thematic areas, such as: energy management, investments, waste management resources, mobility, green-blue infrastructure, transport, urbanism, etc.

Actions have been provided for each objective which are interdependent and complement each other. In order to carry out these actions the municipality is to create favorable circumstances for the implementation of the planned objectives.

With the approval of the document, the City Hall is committed to achieving certain objectives in the current year, including the creation of a working group in order to develop a long-term roadmap and implement the basic provisions of the Strategic Planning Document.

Documentul de planificare strategică și dezvoltare durabilă „Chișinău - oraș verde - Planificare Strategică a municipiului Chișinău" 




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