Creation of working groups responsible for electronic payment in public transport and elaboration of the paid car park concept in the capital

The Chisinau City Hall informs that two commissions within the municipality are to develop projects in the field of transport and parking in the city, namely: implementing the electronic payment system in public transport and developing the concept of car parking in the capital.

In this regard, the Chisinau Municipal Council has approved the creation of two working groups that will finalize the documents.

The system regarding electronic payment in the public transport is to be implemented within a public-private partnership project, on all bus and trolleybus routes in Chisinau. The system on electronic taxation in public transport is to be implemented within the framework of a public-private partnership project, on all bus and trolleybus routes in Chisinau municipality. It will include all categories of passengers using municipal transport services and will provide alternative ways of validating the trip by using different technologies: smart, custom or bank cards; mobile phone, QR-code, etc. and occasional trips (single-use tickets).

The draft Concept of paid car parks should be elaborated by August 31, a.c. It will contain proposals for the creation/modification of the normative framework, which concerns the field of paid car parks.  The working group will also organize public consultations on the document.

At the same time, the commission responsible for the project on electronic payment in public transport is to identify the methods of application of the public-private partnership and to approve the general conditions for carrying out the project.

The general mayor, Ion Ceban, mentioned that the infrastructure and modernization projects of the urban transport are a priority for the local public administration.

"Chisinau needs parking spaces. At present, it is a priority to adopt local measures and policies that offer solutions for the development of infrastructure and the creation of these places ", said the Mayor.

Regarding the electronic payment in public transport, the General Mayor said that this project has been delayed for years, so urgent measures are now needed to create better conditions for the capital's citizens.




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