Continuation of public discussions on the draft Strategy for the development of internal trade of the municipality of Chisinau "Trade -2030"

On 29 November 2023, the Chisinau LPA launched public discussions on the draft Strategy for the development of internal trade of the municipality of Chisinau. Chisinau "Trade - 2030", with working meetings held on 29 and 30 November and on 05 and 07 December, respectively, in the prices of the Centre, Buiucani, Botanica and Ciocana sectors.

During the meetings, the main provisions of the draft strategic document to be implemented by the municipality were presented and discussed, including with the input and support of the business environment, representatives of professional associations, civil society and development partners.

The strategy describes the current situation, vision, strategic objectives and actions necessary for a continuous modernization and development of the regulatory and institutional framework in the field of internal trade in the municipality of Chisinau.

Through the implementation of the Internal Trade Development Strategy, the LPA aims to achieve the following 3 strategic objectives:

  • Ensure an efficient, transparent and predictable regulatory and institutional framework for internal trade.
  • Develop modern and accessible trade infrastructure.
  • Increase consumption of local and healthy products.

The implementation of the policy document will contribute to the development of Chisinau as a modern capital city, offering an attractive business climate conducive to the development of domestic trade, managed by a transparent administration that responds quickly and efficiently to the needs of consumers and the business environment, in line with international standards and practices.

Participants in the public consultations had the opportunity to dialogue with the authors of the draft Strategy and to submit proposals, which will be taken into account when finalising the draft.

The public discussions will continue in the Riscani sector hall on 08.12.2023, at 14:00.

Proposals on the draft proposed for public discussion can be submitted until 10.12.2023, to the email address:


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